Official rules for Sand Creek Longhorn Auctions

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First and foremost we will adopt the Longhorn code of conduct. We will operate as a page under Facebook rules for a page.

1. Purpose. This page will be set up to auction registered or registerable Longhorn cattle, Longhorn semen and longhorn related products. This page is aware that there or other website's, live auctions and online sales and auctions of registered Longhorn cattle, semen and Longhorn related products. This page does not in any way intend to cause harm or interfere with these entities, but to offer another source for the page members to offer there Longhorn cattle, Longhorn semen and Longhorn related products to other members of this page.

2. auction terms. We will have lots available each day for: 1 registered Longhorn steer. 1 Registered Longhorn bull. 1 Registered Longhorn heifer. 1 registered Longhorn bred cow. 1 registered Longhorn pair and or 3 in 1. 1 recipient confirmed bred with an embryo. 1 open cow guaranteed to be a breeder or ready for flushing. 2 slots for Registered Longhorn semen lots from 1 to 20 straws in each lot. 5 Lots for non registered for use as recipients. 2 slots for Miniature Longhorns 3 slots for Longhorn related products.

3. auction duration. The duration of each lot in the auction will be 55 hours. Each lot will start at noon cst and end 2 days later at 7 cst. Example a heifer is posted on Monday at 12 pm cst will end at 7 pm cst on Wednesday. With a 5 minute clock at the end. Auction will end if no bid within 5 minutes. Shorter length or different type auctions will also be available.

4. filling lots. Lots will be filled by members sending there information directly to the administrator via text, Messenger or email to 580-303-1557 along with all related information on that lot. Example if you a member are offering a registered Longhorn cow to be an auction lot. You are responsible for up to date pictures of animal, picture if possible of sire and dam of that animal and a picture of the registration papers of that animal. And a complete and accurate description of the Longhorn cow. Pregnancy status of Longhorn cow and who she is bred to and a picture of bull the cow is bred to or a picture of the bulls registration papers. If she's bred by artificial insemination. The location of the animal. All lots will be filled in the order they are received by the Administrator. If all lots are not filled for a particular day then that lots will be filled by the next submitted lot. Example the steer category doesn't fill on a Monday then the next submitted lot to the Administrator will take that lot. Heifer, cow, bull etc. Example a member can fill every individual lot if they are sent by text, messenger or email to 580-303-1557 or to Administrator and happen to be in line for that lot.

5. reserve. The reserve on any Registered Longhorn, Longhorn semen or Longhorn related products will be the opening bid or start price set by seller of that particular lot. Example seller has a heifer in the heifer lot and sets the opening bid at 800. As soon as a member bids 800 the lot or heifer in this example will sell when this lot closes. You can also make an offer lower than the start price, owner may or may not except that offer. But if excepted that offer becomes the reserve.

6. Seller responsibilities. The seller of any lot is solely responsible for all registration papers and transfers to buyer from where or whatever entity the seller would normally use or has already registered an animal in. Example TLBAA, or ITLA, The seller will also be responsible for whatever vaccinations or tests needed to be able to haul that animal to the buyer legally. Any health papers needed for a hauler or buyer to be able to legally receive said animal. Proof of pregnancy if applicable. TB, Bruccilos, Trich or any other test that needs to be performed by a licensed veterinarian for the buyer to legally receive said animal.

7.Buyer responsibilities. The buyer is responsible for the transport or shipping of said lot. The buyer is also responsible for prompt payment of said lot.

8.Hauling. Anyone who is a legal hauler of cattle can join this page and post on a auction lot there fair and exact price to offer to haul said lot from point A to point B. It is then up to buyer if they choose to use said hauler.

9. Terms of sale. The Administrator will open a checking account in the sole name of Sand Creek Longhorn Auctions. With the sole purpose of receiving and transferring funds from buyer to seller by means of check, wire transfer, cashiers check or money order or PayPal. Buyer will send funds to a P.O. box opened by Administrator for the sole purpose of receiving funds from buyer to then deposit in said bank account and then send to seller unless buyer chooses to use the wire transfer or PayPal option.

10. Fees and or expenses. The Administrator will take a percentage of 8 % for handing and posting the Auction.

11. Administrator responsibilities. The Administrator is responsible for receiving and dispersing funds of sales of lots. The Administrator is responsible for the posting of all lots in Sand Creek Longhorn Auctions in a fair and unbiased manner. The Administrator will be the tie breaker in the unlikely case that there would be a tie vote among members.

12. Final note. I designed this page to be as inexpensive as possible for it's members and as fun as possible for members by getting the rules and regulations right the first time as to not create turmoil or disputes in the future. Any and all of these rules should be discussed, changed or added to at any time if needed. And I also encourage the members to go to the lots that are selling each day and chat. Not say bad things or cut down the lot but to help and have fun with the lot as it sells. We need funds sent asap we need animals, semen, or products shipped asap. This page will only be as good as it's entire membership body chooses it to be. If you put something in a lot that you wouldn't want to own yourself then why would any of the members of this page want to own it. It should hurt a little bit to put something on this page. Finally have fun let's get this done, so we can start bidding!!!

13. Additions: Bidding will be in 50 US dollar increments until 1000 US Dollars is reached then bidding will be in 100 US dollar increments. Or as described in each lot by owner. Except for Longhorn related item's and semen. Longhorn related items and semen will be set in bidding increments set by the member who fills the lot. The new address for Sand Creek Longhorn Auctions is p.o. box 442 Shamrock, Texas 79079. Attention: Neil Glasgow