Date of Birth:
The longest total horn bull in the world!
Owner Name:
Glasgow / Hilbert Partnership
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Reg #1:
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Award DateEvent LocationAward
 2008 LWCChampion
 2009 LWCChampion & Longest Horned Bull In The World
 2009 HSCChampion & Most Beautiful Bull at Forth Worth SHow
 2012 HSCChampion & Officially the Longest Horned Bull
 2013 LWCChampion & Officially the Longest Horned Bull
 2011 HSCChampion & Officially The Longest Horned Bull
 2010 HSCChampion & Officially the Longest Horned Bull
 2011 LWCChampion & Officially the Longest Horned Bull
 2010 LWCChampion & Officially the Longest Horned Bull
 2012 LWCChampion & Officially The Longest Horned Bull
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Total Horn108.687509/20/2013 LWC
Total Horn107.375010/26/2012 LWC
Total Horn106.562510/14/2011 Horn Showcase
Base15.500010/15/2010TLBAA Horn ShowcaseFort Worth, TX
Tip to Tip71.635010/15/2010TLBAA Horn ShowcaseFort Worth, Tx
Total Horn105.000010/15/2010TLBAA Horn ShowcaseFort Worth, TX
Base15.500010/07/2009Longhorn World Championship 2009Guthrie, Oklahoma
Tip to Tip70.750010/07/2009Longhorn World Championship 2009Guthrie, Oklahoma
Total Horn102.875010/07/2009Longhorn World Championship 2009- ChampionGuthrie, Oklahoma
Tip to Tip110.1250   
Trail Dust 40 is the bull that everyone is talking about. This bull first made his public appearance in 2008 at the Texas Longhorn World Championship by winning the show with the most horn ever measured for a bull his age. The next year he made his way to the World Championship and was the longest horned bull ever measured. He went on that same year to win the Horn Showcase in TX.

2010 was the year for Trail Dust to really shine and come out on the top. He made is grand appearance at the World Championship at the amazing Choctaw Casino and set another record for horn. Less than a week later he traveled back to Fort Worth, TX to make history yet again. With a horn measurement of 105" TH he officially holds the title that only one bull can have of "Longest Horned Bull in The World." Never before in the history of the world has a bull had more horn.

Trail Dust is no fluke or lucky one time kind of deal. The foundation to build such an animal has taken years of hard work selectively breeding the best possible Texas Longhorn cattle to produce the Champion that Trail Dust is. With his sire, Hunts Command Respect, being a 12-time Horn Champion and producer of the longest horned Total Horn and Tip to Tip bulls in the world, you can see how this happened.

Trail Dust not only has "Bull Power" he has "Cow Power." If you want a bull to produce the best quality daughters possible, you have to have a great Dam, Grand-dam and so on. Trail Dust lacks none of that. Starting with his over 80" T2T mom, Saw Dust, to his amazing producing Grand-dam, Hay Hook, to the legend of the breed herself, Tari Graves FM 49, with over 81" T2T.

There are a lot of great sons of Hunts Command Respect out there in the industry, but none are bred as great as Trail Dust on "Cow Power." He has the loaded pedigree to produce the Champions of tomorrow and to set and break records every year.